Kunschtwerk – Textiles Kunsthandwerk zwischen gestern und heute, Kurse und mehr

Ich freue mich über alle Nachrichten, Ideen, Kommentare und Kritiken:

E-Mail: mail[at]kunschtwerk.de
telefonisch: 0171 800 7222


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  1. Hallo Barbara, you have a wonderful website. It is so nice to learn more about you, your work and your knitting. Wonderful blog as well!
    Something I am planning to start as well, but never seem to be able to really sit down for it and do it. Die you and Joachim have a nice visit with your friend? We are enjoying the peace and quiet and the beautiful weather here. Taking a walk here and there, but looking forward as well to moving on to Norway. We wish you a nice continuation here in Sweden and perhaps Norway as well. Greetings! Lies
    P.S. I will add my company website (Ontwerpstudio Groot), although it is a bit out of date. But so you can see Some of my graphic work.

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