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A walk through the autumn woods

Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest

As I was looking through my window this morning, I could hardly see the opposite side of my valley. A typical autumn day – fog everywhere. My dogs Silas and Locksley were not impressed at all. They want to go outside whatever the weather and so I had no choice but to join them. I put on my warm jumper, mittens, scarf and hat and off we went.

Dressed up for the walk in the woods
Dressed up for the walk in the woods

Once in the woods, the sun came out and casted some mystical beams through the branches. Suddenly we were in an enchanted forest! Where there had been no life and only grey there were now the brightest colours and humming was everywhere and I could see little flies happily circling in the beams.

Can you hear the rustle of the leaves?
Can you hear the rustle of the leaves?

I had to think about an article in the autumn issue of Holunderelfe on “bathing in the woods“. I find the expression quite nice and felt myself instantly surrounded by nature and life itself. At once I realized the earthly sent of the autumn forest and enjoyed the rustling of my feet in the leaves on the way.

Play of colours in the autumn forest
Play of colours in the autumn forest

This probably was one of the last days I could enjoy this spectacle since it is going to snow next weekend. But then nature will hold other spectacles I can indulge in.

10 reasons to love wool

Wool on the field
Wool on the field

Do you find self-knitted stuff from your teens in your wardrobe, too? I do and nearly all of it is made with synthetics L Well, I wasn’t picky at that age. I chose my yarn only for colour and price. After all, it should look pretty despite my scarce pocket-money. I didn’t care for quality. I put a lot of time and effort in my crafts and was even quite proud of my finished projects. But somehow I didn’t like to wear them and couldn’t really tell, why. Nowadays, I know better: It was my choice of yarn. I should have knitted those things with wool. And why is that? Here are my 10 foremost reasons, why I knit all of my jumpers, cardigans, socks, scarfs and mittens with wool:

  1. Wool is a natural fibre
    Wool is an animal fibre and 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It is organic and ecologically sustainable. Therefore, it doesn’t pollute your seas as plastic does.
  1. Wool is durable
    Apparently you can bend a single fibre for at least 20.000 times before it breaks!
  1. Wool is pile forming
    Wool fibres are frizzy and curled and therefore stick together easily. So, even loosely woven yarns can result in quite sturdy fabrics.
  1. Wool is temperature-regulating but airy and light
    Wool protects against cold and heat. Because wool fibres are frizzy they can enclose a lot of air. So, woollen clothes are perfect for storing and insulating heat.
  1. Wool is elastic but resistant for deformation
    Wool fibres expand and bound back to their original length. Clothes made of wool keep their form and don’t crinkle.
  1. Wool doesn’t charge electrostatically
  2. Wool is stain and odour resistant
    The wool fibre’s surface neither lets stains nor odours get into its core. Both stick to the surface and can be removed easily by brushing or airing
  1. Wool is absorbent but water-resistant
    The wool fibre’s core can hold up to one third of its own weight without feeling damp or wet. Because of its lanolin, the fibre‘s surface lets water simply drip off. So woollen clothes keep one dry and warm
  1. Wool is colour-fast
    Wool easily absorbs colour. Therefore, colours on wool are really bright and lasting. Even frequent use or washing cannot harm the beauty of its colours.
  1. Wool is hardly inflammable; it even absorbs and neutralizes pollutant of the air.
    Wool doesn’t burn, it only carbonizes. Furthermore, wool decomposes pollutant such as formaldehyde, cigarette smoke and solvents. These hardly play a big role for clothing but, nevertheless, I though it quite remarkable!